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Station Aquarius Wants You!

Station Aquarius is a futuristic and immersive educational zone that is designed like a sealed underwater space, taking visitors through an exciting journey to learn more about animals and the significance of their continuous survival to keep Earth in ecological balance. Based on our tenet to Conserve, Love and Understand all life, Station Aquarius also offers workshops especially catered to recruit children and young adults ranging from 6 – 17 years old to be trained as Cadets.

Station Aquarius will contain 4 exciting and informative labs, each focusing on a different area of study:

  • Genus Lab introduces the Cadets to the concept of evolution by covering the 'Pre-historic Marine Animals', 'Hands on with the Specimen', and 'Lifecycle of frog'.
  • Seahorse Lab allows the observation of lifestyle by covering 'Be a Seahorse Aquarist', 'Seahorse Adaptation', and 'Food Chain of Seahorse'.
  • Jellyfish Lab teaches the Cadets with the idea of adaptation by covering the 'Jellyfish Adaptation', 'Jellyfish Body Parts', and 'Jellyfish Lifecycle'.
  • MoonLab delivers the final concept of conservation with the topic of 'Endangered Species', by releasing their own marine creations into a virtual aquarium.

Upon completion of the workshop, the young Cadets will be promoted to the rank of Private and be issued a certificate to mark the completion of the training programme.